You will need
Pastel Silver Purple

Silver Blue
VeryPeri Purple ColorConditioner™.

Divide your hair horizontally and separate into strands, apply each color to its own strand. Get wild and do it a bit chaotically.
Apply VeryPeri at the top of each strand ( 5cm in length) to make a dark root effect than continue with other colors.

*Product that match are
GO Violet ColorShampoo™ & Keratin Drops™ & Indian Amala Shampoo & Mask Bundle.

Animal friendly, vegan approved , available worldwide. <3


by nuša

OMG did this and it turned out amazzzzing!!! <
Thanks, Evilhair you are the best!

by Stephanie

Zo zouk mijn haar wel willen doen!!

by Sa Xa

It would be helpful for me (beginner) to see the separations on an actual person or a wig. I’m scared that I’m gonna screw up because I have no reference.
The result looks amazing though!
Keeping the page in my bookmarks! ⭐

by anne

Ok this is the best! Thank you Evilhair, as soon as I get my order I’ll do exactly this <3