Ahh the lovely Violet colour. We think the Blackberry tone is just perfect either for brunets or blonds.
While it’s not quite blackberry season, you can get a head start with blackberry hair color. 

The simplest way to get Blackberry violet hair is to first get your strands some blonde Balayage. 


Photo by Hairbystevie

You can either get the lovely light blonde color by using a hair dye or bleach. But please do use only  quality products that wont dry out your hair too much.

Now let's get that eye catching Blackberry tone!

In this step use a semi permanent hair dye. We recommend to use Intense Violet Purple  mixed with 1 part of  Intense Royal Blue ColorConditioner™ .

Semi permanent dyes are a soft colouring choice that ensure your gorgeous hair will stay in it's best condition after colouring it.

The best thing about these types of colors is that you can use them every time your color fades without dreading the over proceed hair results, an that is because they don't need a hard chemical reaction to achieve the color results.

And now you even have a better option than the old school semi permanent hair dyes.
We launched our line of ColorConditioner™ which is a conditioner based hair color. It will make your hair radiant and soft as never. The best thing about this product is that it can actually be used instead of your standard conditioner. So in one step you can refresh your color and condition your hair after every wash. Isn't that practical?

We think you shouldn't hesitate to try this out, we all know how charming the Violet color can be.

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by Theda

Highly energetic blog, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

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by Emma

Hi, my hair is a mix of natural brown and silver white with grown out blonde ombré. Will this colour cover all my colours and will it wash out completely without staining my white hair?

by Nika

Love, love, love this color, and the smell is fantastic. ;)

by Cloe

Great article! I colored my hair following this recommendations and it worked like a charm. Evilhair do post more of this how to blogs, I’d love to learn how to DIY other hair colors. Cheers from 🇬🇧 🖤 Cloe