Respect these basic rules when it comes to hair dye maintenance to have the best-colored hair experience possible. 😉


1. never wash your hair for 72 hours after dying it, let the pigment set first
2. use lukewarm or cold water when washing your hair
3.  wash your hair with pigmented sulfate-free shampoos like ColorShampoo
4.  don't use flat irons or curlers at all or minimise the use, use heat protective spray or oils like Sugaia Agave Scalp & Hair Oil - Replace lost keratin with Keratin Drops and make do our signature Keratin Treatment to keep your hair shaft healthy and closed and prevent pigment fading and hair from braking, Will also promote hair growth. - in the summer tie up or braid your hair, or ware a hat to protect it from UV rays  from the sun.
5. refresh your hair color regularly, 2 to 4 weeks to stack up the pigments in your hair and get the best & long-lasting results. Use ColorConditioner.

For any additional info hit me up, I'm a professional colorist that just loves to give hair style and hair color-related tips & tricks.

Naya at Evilhair