If your thinking about how to get that perfect silver hair at home, don't look any further, we will reveal the secret to you. Here is the recipe! :)

You will need:

- Pastel Silver Gray ColorConditioner 
GO Silver Shampoo
- "I wanna bleach" kit

- bowl for mixing
- tint brush
- gloves
- plastic shower cap

Go Silver ColorShampoo and ColorConditioner

The procedure:

1. If you have regrowth or dark hair first use the "I wanna bleach kit" to lighten your hair to a pale blonde color. That is the required base to get the perfect silver color.

2. After you wash out the bleach use
GO Silver Shampoo to tone out orange or yellow undertones and enhance the silver tone.
Leave the shampoo in for 3 to 5 minutes and rinse.Your hair will turn to a white blond color.

3. Dry your hair and apply a generous amount of Pastel Silver Gray ColorConditioner. Leave the conditioner in for at least 30 minutes, cover your hair with a plastic cap to increase heat and make sure the pigments penetrate the hair shaft, leading to a longer lasting result.

4. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water, do not use any shampoos or other conditioners. Dry you hair an viola, you got a perfect Silver Gray color.


by Patricia

Ok after using this stuff for almost one year I have to say it’s my favourite!! <3

by Patricia

Ordered the silver shampoo and I’m excited to try it. I Will let you know how it turned out Evilhair. <3

by Sandra

I’ve used go white shampoo for several months now and my hair color is spot on. Would definitely recommend.

by anne

Tried this and love the results!
I finally have silver hair that not damaged, love you Evilhair. ;)