Application instructions

Before you start

What color should my hair be before using ColorConditioner?

Intense and pastel color tones can be achieved only on naturally light blonde or lightened/bleached hair. If your hair is darker than color tone 7 we recommend soft lightening or soft bleaching to color 8 or higher.
Lighter base hair color gives vibrant and long lasting result after you use our ColorConditioner Pastel & Intense semi permanent colours. If your base color is darker you can still use ColorConditioner to tone out unwanted tones.

Note: If your hair is already in the same color and you just want to refresh it there is no need to lighten your hair.

How long will the color last?

Intense ColorConditioner will last up to 12 washes.

Pastel ColorConditioner will last up to 7 washes.

It all depends on your hair quality, processing time, using heat (plastic cap) or not while processing and after care. We recommend to use ColorConditoner once a week to maintain the color.

Read the following instructions carefully to get the best results.


1. Shampoo

Shampoo the hair with a pH acid balanced shampoo or other sulphate free shampoo, this will give the hair the correct acid balance, allowing the hair colour to achieve the best results.

2. Application

Before doing a full head application always do a strand test to see if you like the color and to make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients.

Tip: If you find the color too dark mix the ColorConditioner with a classic hair conditioner to make it lighter or more pastel.

 Apply a generous amount of colour conditioner to the hair until it emulsifies and the pigments penetrate into the hair, lighter shades may require a thicker layer. Massage the hair thoroughly. Apply on dry hair - for long lasting and darker colour. Apply to damp hair - for a light or pastel colour effect. For first application we recommend application on dry hair, so the hair can absorb more pigments and give an even coverage.

3. Processing

Minimum processing time is between 5 and 40 minutes, it is recommended for quick color fix or color refreshing. Process time from 1 to 2 hours gives a darker and long lasting color and at the same time you give your hair the deepest conditioning treatment possible, so take time and don’t hurry. Always use a plastic cap to cover the coloured hair it will contain the heat on the hair helping it to absorb pigments. Of course you can pass on the plastic cap, but for best results we recommend it.

4. Rinsing

Rinse the hair thoroughly away from the face with warm water until all the residue dye/conditioner has been removed. If more than one colour is applied the hair must be washed separately, greater care must be taken when partially colouring lighter hair. Always finish the wash with lukewarm/cold water to close the hair shaft and prevent greasy hair.

5. After Care

To get the most out of your colour use only Colour Protecting Shampoo and Colour Protecting Conditioner, the best ones are sulphate and paraben free. Harsh cleansing or dandruff shampoos will not only fade the color rapidly but can even result in unwanted changes of the color. Use ColorCnditioner as a daily conditioner for long lasting hair color.


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