ColorConditioner can be used to give your hair a new vibrant color or as a soft toner to erase unwanted tones.


There is a little trick professionals use to determine which color has the best neutralising potential. Follow the instructions below and find the right toner for you.

1. Find the unwanted tone in the color wheel.

2. Once you find the tone that is the most similar to yours search the tone opposite to it. The opposite tone will neutralise the unwanted one. Once you know which tone/color will do the job find it in our color menu. You can filter out ColorConidtioners by tone so you can quickly find all colors that can be used as erasers/neutralisers



Let’s say you have light Honey Blond hair full off yellow tones and want to change it to a Cool Icy Blonde. Use Pastel Lavender White ColorConditioner to erase yellow tones in your hair color.

Product used: 

Pastel Lavender White 




You have Honey Blonde hair and  want to get Rose Pink color. Use Pastel Cotton Candy Pink. It will perfectly blend with yellow and create an Rose Pink color

Product used:
Pastel Cotton Candy Pink



In case your hair color is dark blonde with some highlights we recommend to use Intense Ash Silver. it will  create a natural ash effect. The highlighted parts will make the color richer and vibrant looking.

Product used:
Intense Ash Silver  

For more information on how to use and detailed instructions see Instructions & Tips


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It can erase other colors not from evil hair?

by Claudia

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by Monica

Vorrei sapere la composizione di questo prodotto.. Non posso usare ammoniaca posso avere la scheda del prodotto e il pagamento si può fare anche alla consegna?

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by Boebie

I would like to try the cotton pink.? hair is honey and goes to yellow when i bleach….can i get a sample of pink

by Isabel

My hair ir medium brown. Last year I bleached it a couple of times to turn it blue bit aldo I bleached it my hair did not get blue. Instead it went getting orange and blonde tones. At this point I would like to turn it grey, how should I do it?

by Λε φρικ

I would like to know the price for the intense ash silver and pastel levander white..and for how long stays at the hair

by Veronica Munteanu

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Natural ash is nice..its good if my skin tan

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i want know more about ice blond,no.1

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