by always using permanent hair colours to refresh washed-out/faded color.

* Permanent colours are oxidative, oxidative means the hair shaft gets opened so the pigments can penetrate the hair and do their job. And doing that once or twice is not a problem at all.

But if you overdo this procedure and use such dyes on the entire length every time you wish to refresh your colour the end result will be nothing less than hair damage. And trust me you don't want to even try this.

* Damaged hair starts to break because the keratin bond is weekend and eventually broken up.

The ends split faster, your hair length starts to shorten, colour fades faster, there will be more fuzziness, dryness, loss of shine and bounce. Your hair may take years to recover from this mess, and we all can imagine the toll this can take on your self-image.

🤍 How to FIX THIS

when your hair color starts to fade its time you use semi-permanent hair colours, anti brassiness toners and/or colour longevity extenders.

That is why we have developed ColoConditioner - it will give your hair a new fresh color or you can use it as a toner to refresh your faded colour or tone out unwanted undertones.

Then there is our ColorShampoo - a pigmented shampoo that has the functionality to extend the colour longevity but it will also tone out brassiness and enhance the colour.

So to sum it up, permanent colors are for colouring/lightening regrowth or first-time full-length color changes.
After you have achieved the desired color, use semi-permanents to keep your color fresh and vibrant.

Trust me this is the only way you can have colourful and healthy hair. Hair colouring is science its chemistry and you don't want to mess with chemistry on your hair or skin in the wrong way.

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