Shipment to The Door

Within 2 to 10 working days our delivery service will bring the package right to your door. You can track and trace all shipments. The courier will give you a days notice by text message or email provided on the order checkout page.

Note: In case you are not home on time of the delivery, your parcel will be sent to a nearest parcel shop or local GLS depot. GLS provides only 1 time delivery to your home. Contact GLS directly to get more information on how to pickup the parcel. 

In holiday season the delivery time could be extended for 1 to 3 working days. 

Pick-Up from a Post Parcel Point in your City

In case your not at home in time of the delivery you can contact your local GLS Parcel Point and pick up the package there.

International Delivery

We use only fast and reliable delivery services. Most packages arrive in 2 to 10 working days all over the Europe. All International shipments can be tracked and traced.

Shipping Rates

The image bellow is an export of the current shipping rates (a temporary solution). For most customers the only rates that are important are in the first row of each country - for packages of up to 1.9 kg.

Shipping rates