Flawless Blonde Bundle

€67.00 €70.00

This is the must-have bundle for those who love their blonde hair and want to keep them healthy and strong. 

1x GO White Shampoo ™
1x Pastel Lavender White ColorConditioner
1x Sugaia Botanics Agave Oil

With this bundle you will tone out yellow tones from start to finish and keep your blonde hair color as beautiful as ever. 

Sugaia Bothanics is a new concept of mindful organic scalp and hair care. If you strive to have healthy and strong hair, you have to start with promoting scalp vitality. Agave Scalp & Hair Oil for scalp health promotion and damaged hair healing. 

With agave oil you can

- exfoliate your scalp

- prevent or heal dandruffp

- revent or heal dry skin -

- prevent hair loss

 - promote hair thicknesshy

- drate your locks and give them a fresh bounce

Why is this bundle special
- Nourishing
- Hydrating
- Full of pigments that tone our yellow or orange
- Made Cruelty-free
- Vegan friendly

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